116th Boston Marathon

On April 16th Laurie and I ran the 116th Boston Marathon. This was my 11th Boston and Laurie’s 16th. The unseasonably warm weather made this one of my most challenging marathons. The temperature at the 10am start was 79 degrees and it warmed to at least the high 80’s, maybe even 90, by the time we got to the finish line in Boston. Thank goodness for PowerGels and Saltstick! The extra sodium came in very handy.

My run training had gone very well over the winter. My original goal for Boston was to break 3:05. But with the warm temperatures I wisely revised that the day before the race to 3:10. Race day was so challenging that my finish time was 3:16:41 (7:30/mile). Despite that being one of my slowest marathons, I am really happy with that time. Laurie ran 3:51:44 and she also had a really good race.

I knew going into the day that I would be tested. I kept my blinders on and noticed very little scenery along the route. Of course, I do recall some cleavage as we ran by the all women’s Wellesley College at the half way point. Gotta love the warm weather! Some other great scenes I recall include passing Dick Hoyt at the 6 mile mark while he was pushing his son Rick in his wheelchair – it makes me cry every time! This was their 30th Boston Marathon. Check out their video at http://www.teamhoyt.com. I saw many military members running in uniform with full packs. And I thought I was hot! One guy that I ran near for the final 10K was dressed head to toe in a snug fitting body suit of the American flag. It was really awesome running near him as the crowd absolutely loved that guy. I can still hear the chants of USA! USA! USA!

Here is some quick data on the race:

*I placed 115th out of 2,246 men age 45-49.
*I placed 1,380th out of 12,588 male finishers.
*I placed 1,490th out of 21,554 overall finishers.
*Over 4,000 runners elected to not even do the race and defer their entries to 2013. This was an unprecedented offer issued by the Boston Athletic Association the day before the race in anticipation of the high temperatures.
*96.1% of those who started did finish this year’s race.
*The hottest ever Boston Marathon was in 1976 – 94 degrees!

We enjoyed seeing Laurie’s parents who made the journey in from New York. It was also great to see some old friends. Griff Griffith joined us on the bus ride out to Hopkinton. The only downside was not getting to spend more time with his wife, Steff, who has raced Boston in the past, but not this year. We also enjoyed the company of our friends from the Silicon Valley Triathlon Club – Kyle Welch, Chris Liou and Keish Doi.

To see my photos, click on this link: http://www.marathonfoto.com/index.cfm?action=site.login&RaceOID=12902012S1&LastName=ZELENT&BibNumber=3006&spMAILINGID=36518508&spUserID=MjE3NDc2NjA0NzAS1&spJOBID=140012834&spREPORTID=MTQwMDEyODM0S0

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