Jump! Aquathlon

On June 23rd I completed the inaugural Jump! Aquathlon. I wanted to support the race because it was being put on by my friends Brian Long, John Hill and Brian Wrona. These are great guys and I did not want to let them down.

The race began with the athletes jumping into the San Diego Bay from the Lord Hornblower Cruise Ship to begin the 1.5K (0.93 mile) ocean swim. The water temperature was relatively warm – probably 70 degrees. It was a little choppy and the swim became longer for each successive age group. After the race I heard that the ship was drifting further and further from the 1st buoy making for a progressively longer swim. I was part of the 8th out of 9 waves to jump in so chances are my swim was a few hundred meters over 1.5K. That just meant I was getting my money’s worth. I came out of the water in 5th place with a time of 30:33. The swim was definitely long!

Following the swim was a 10K (6.2 mile) run on a 3 loop run course at the Chula Vista Marina. I had not run this far for 4 months so the run was going to be a challenge. Thankfully the course was pancake flat. Somehow I managed to complete the run in 47:32. I finished the race with a time of 1:19:24, placing me 7th out of 16 men in the 50-59 age group and 39th out of 135 overall.

This year I have been hampered by plantar fasciitis so it was just good to be back participating at an event with my friends. It’s great to compete and it’s always fun to end up on the podium. I’ve always said that everyone who participates is a winner. I was never going to come close to the podium given my current fitness, but I did feel like a winner.

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6 Responses to Jump! Aquathlon

  1. Karen Labenz says:

    A winner for sure! Sounds like a challenging race.

  2. ColinR says:

    Good stuff, Craig! I hope you fully recover soon. My knee is slowly getting better.

  3. Ron Anderson says:

    How is that foot doing. I heard your name at SDIT from the announcer before the start but never saw you. Hope that frustrating thing is getting better and you are back out there killing it once again


  4. Denise Bienias says:

    Wow, 10K, hope your arch held up!

    It’s good to just have some fun to finish and not worry so much about time for a change. Sounds like a good event for that.

    Glad you are running, now you can really appreciate it again.


  5. adamritchietris says:

    That would be neat if they set the race up like a skirt chaser race with the progressively longer swim. If you’re not familiar with the format, it’s usually like a 5 or 10k race and they give the women a 5-10 minute head start before the guys. Then the awards are only for age group. No male/female. Kind of fun. I’ve never seen something like that for a multistory event. Could be an interesting concept.

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