2013 Tri Rock Triathlon – San Diego

Tri Rock Triathlon podium:  Andy Seitz (1st), Craig (2nd), Marc Mone (3rd) from left to right.

Tri Rock Triathlon podium: Andy Seitz (1st), Craig (2nd), Marc Mone (3rd) from left to right.

Thomas Johnson and Craig at PowerBar booth at Tri Rock finish line.

Thomas Johnson and Craig at PowerBar booth at Tri Rock finish line.

On September 22 I raced the San Diego Tri Rock Triathlon. This was the first time I had done one of the Tri Rock races (7 city series) and I had a great time. Tri Rock is an off shoot of the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon family of races so they definitely put on a good party!

In San Diego they offered a Sprint race and a longer version that approximated the Olympic distance. I chose the longer version. I had a great time as I placed 2nd out of 32 men in the 50-54 age group and 23rd out of 619 overall finishers.

The swim was a protected swim in the San Diego Harbor at South Embarcadero Park, behind the Convention Center. The swim course was supposed to be 1.5K (0.93 miles), but it was actually much longer. A friend with a GPS measured it as 1.18 miles. The long swim really helped Marc Mone who ultimately finished in 3rd as he is an excellent swimmer. I heard he swam for a Division 1 school in college. I had the 2nd best swim in a time of 29:39. My friend Andy Seitz was right on my feet only 4 seconds behind me. Marc blew everyone away in the swim as he had a 2:49 lead out of the water.

The 22 mile bike course was pancake flat, but with a lot of turns. I need to emphasize – there were so many turns! The course was 2 laps of 11 miles each that took us through the 32nd Street Naval Base. I had never biked in this part of San Diego before. I later read that we had views of the USS Midway, but I never saw a thing as I was too focused on not missing a turn. The bike course put a premium on bike handling and cornering. Hardly my strengths. Somehow I had the 4th best bike split in a time of 1:02:08 (21.2 mph). Andy was the only guy to break an hour (59:57). Andy and I had identical races, except for the bike. That’s where he won the race.

The 10K run course was also pancake flat. The course was 2 laps of 5K each along the water so it was very scenic. Given that I have done so little run training, I really had a great run which surprised me. My run split was 38:38, which was 3rd best in the age group. I was in 3rd place getting off the bike, but I was able to pass Marc in the final mile of the run to finish 2nd. My finish time was 2:14:32. Andy beat me handily by 2:33.

I was very happy with my day. But the icing on the cake was my friend Dan Redfern’s great race performance. I have been coaching Dan for the past 3 months. Dan won the men’s 55-59 age group qualifying him for the 2014 National Championships. He has worked hard so I was not surprised at this accomplishment.

After the race I donated my 146th pint of blood. I’m up to 18 ¼ gallons for my career. My Dad gave 20 gallons. I’m closing in on that mark!

Click on this link to see my race photos:

I am living the life…

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2 Responses to 2013 Tri Rock Triathlon – San Diego

  1. Denise Bienias says:

    Awesome, I take it the foot is cooperating.

    Rick helped mentor a young friend Eric Fischer who did his first tri, the short one, and took first in his young division. He was ecstatic and has the tri “bug”, you know what that is!


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