Fearless Triathlon

Showing off my 1st place winnings in the men's 50-54 age group at Fearless Triathlon.

Showing off my 1st place winnings in the men’s 50-54 age group at Fearless Triathlon.

On October 26th I raced the Fearless Triathlon in San Diego and earned my first age group victory of 2013. I did the Double Super Sprint race which was swim, bike, run, swim, bike, run. In other words, it was 2 triathlons stacked back to back with no rest in between. I really love short, fast anaerobic racing like this. I had a great time and can’t wait to do it again!

The swim course was 375 meters in Mission Bay. The early morning fog made visibility a challenge even on the very tiny course. All 100 men in the field started at the same time so it was very chaotic trying to get around the first turn buoy 150 meters out. I was very glad to have my wetsuit for the first swim. Within my age group I somehow managed the best swim (6:01) among the chaos.

The bike course was 10K (6.2 miles) around Fiesta Island. I biked pretty well as I averaged 21 mph. My 1st bike split was 18:00 which dropped me into 2nd place by 10 seconds.

The run course was supposed to be 2.5K (1.55 miles), but the top 31 athletes got sent the wrong way and I was part of that group. Our first run was extremely short, probably just over 1K. My split was 4:17 which moved me back up to 1st place where I stayed the rest of the day. The short run was not to my advantage as my strength is the run so I was not able to increase my lead.

To save time no one put on wetsuits for the second swim. My initial thought when I dove back into the water was how I wished I had tied the draw string on my bike shorts! My shorts slipped down, but thankfully I did not lose them. Having a wetsuit really does help for speed as my second swim split was only 7:57. I had a heck of a time getting back up the boat ramp this time. It was caked in algae and very slippery. I would run up the ramp only to slip and fall backwards again. Finally I got out of the water!

My second bike split was very good – 18:12. And my second run (the entire 2.5K this time) was 8:24. My finish time was 1:07:02 and I won comfortably by 3:05. I placed 1st out of 7 men in the 50-54 age group and 15th out of 141 overall finishers.

After the age group race I volunteered as a lap counter for the professional race. The pros raced on a television friendly circuit (their race was televised on Universal Sports). Their swim was just 1 lap like the age groupers, but their bike course was 8 laps and the run was 5 laps. They also did this twice through. It was a lot of pressure on the pro’s since if they get lapped, they must drop out. The women’s race started with 6 and finished with only 3. The men’s race started with 14 and finished with 10. I’m glad to be an age grouper!

Click on this link to see my pictures from the race:

Living the life…

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6 Responses to Fearless Triathlon

  1. Denise Bienias says:

    That is so awesome!! Sounds like a “fun” race due to the logistics of it all and a great overall workout. Congrats.


  2. Craig Zelent says:

    It really was fun. I remember the Tri Club using this format in the past for one of the monthly club races years ago.

  3. Colin Kiwi says:

    Good stuff! That’s funny that the course marshall sent you in the wrong direction on run #1.

  4. janechdavenport says:

    Way to go Craig!


    Janech and Coach


  5. Karen Labenz Tom Hunt says:

    CONGRATULATIONS, Craig!  Amazing 🙂  KEL

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