Superseal Triathlon

Craig with friend Julie Dunkle, 1st place in women's age group 45-49.

Craig with friend Julie Dunkle, 1st place in women’s age group 45-49.

Craig with friend Diana Noble, 2nd place in women's 50-54 age group.

Craig with friend Diana Noble, 2nd place in women’s 50-54 age group.

On March 16th I raced the Superseal Olympic Distance Triathlon at Coronado, CA. I was very pleased with my start to the 2014 triathlon season as I placed 2nd out of 15 men in the 50-54 age group and 31st out of 344 overall finishers.

It was a really hot day in San Diego as temperatures climbed into the mid 80’s. Even the water temperature was warm – they said 64 degrees. The Sprint race started at 7am and the Olympic race started at 8am. My age group did not start until 9am so it was going to be warm all day for me. I much prefer the heat over the cold. The 1.5K (0.93 mile) swim was in the San Diego Bay. The water was totally flat and very comfortable. The biggest challenge was going to be sighting as there was not a cloud in the sky and lots of glare. I swam a very straight route and came out of the water in 2nd with a time of 23:03.

The 40K (24.8 mile) bike course was 2 laps up and down The Strand – flat and fast! I started the bike with 1 big 24 oz water bottle with PowerBar Perform mixed with CarboPro for some extra calories because of the late starting race. Thankfully they had an aid station where I was able to grab additional water both times I went by because it was hot and dry out there. My bike split was 1:07:23 (21.8 mph) which was 4th best on the day, but I dropped down to 3rd place.

The 10K (6.2 mile) run course was partly on some sand and trails and partly on asphalt. Any kind of soft sand is still not good for my foot’s plantar fasciitis. It was only about 1.5 miles of sand, but my arch still felt a bit tender after the race. Thankfully my foot did not suffer a set back to the progress I’ve made over the past 6 months. I took in all the water I could on the hot run course as well as a PowerGel for more calories. By the 5K mark I moved into 2nd place where I finished. My Team USA and Tri Club of San Diego friend Dean Avery won the race in wire to wire fashion. Dean had the best swim by 54 seconds and then he put nearly 3 more minutes into me during the bike. I had the best run (40:57) in the age group by only 3 seconds, but it was not enough as Dean beat me by 4:53.

Click on this link to view my race photos:

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8 Responses to Superseal Triathlon

  1. Karen Labenz says:

    Congratulations, Craig!

    • Craig Zelent says:

      Thanks Karen. I was really cheering for Michigan last weekend against Kentucky and again yesterday for Wisconsin. The Big 10 had a real good year and NCAA Tournament. I just wish we could have had the champion.

  2. janechdavenport says:



    Janech and Coach


  3. Colin Reid says:

    Good stuff! We’re pleased to hear your foot is doing better.

  4. Denise Bienias says:

    Another great race, it definitely looked hot out there in the pics.

    Rick and I just did our first Elliptigo group ride and rode up via Capri to the top of soledad, beautiful views today, this is why we live here.


    • Craig Zelent says:

      That’s pretty aggressive for your 1st ride on one of those things. Today was awesome. I ran 15 miles and biked 30. You are correct – this is why we live here.

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