119th Boston Marathon

Craig and Laurie with Tim Yount at USA Triathlon Hall of Fame Induction Dinner at The Harvard Club

Craig and Laurie with Tim Yount at USA Triathlon Hall of Fame Induction Dinner at The Harvard Club

On April 20th I ran the 119th Boston Marathon. This was my 12th Boston and my wife Laurie’s 19th. We had a fantastic weekend full of social events and 1 cold, wet run.

We flew in on Saturday and after a quick stop at our hotel to change we went to The Harvard Club for the USA Triathlon Hall of Fame Dinner. As an Ivy Leaguer Laurie was right at home at The Harvard Club, but Big 10 Craig was a little lost. We were hosted by our good friend Tim Yount, the COO of USA Triathlon. It was a spectacular evening as triathlon legends Bill Bell, Tim DeBoom, Dan Empfield, Karen McKeachie, Carlos Moleda and Susan Williams all gave heart felt induction speeches. So cool!

On Sunday we met up with some Triathlon Club of San Diego friends for lunch and then a special screening at the AMC Theatre of “City Slickers Can’t Stay with Me – The Coach Bob Larsen Story”. Our friend Bob Babbitt hooked us up with complimentary tickets. Coach Larsen is a legendary Southern California running coach who ultimately coached Meb Keflezighi, the American man who won the 2014 Boston Marathon. We thoroughly enjoyed the documentary and it inspired us to race the following day.

Mother Nature threw some challenging weather at us on Monday – Patriot’s Day in New England. There was a light drizzle when we got off the bus at Hopkinton and rain was in the forecast for the rest of the day. We had to kill about 2 hours in Hopkinton before our race, but we found some warm, dry space to sit under one of the huge tents. All along the 10 minute walk to the start line I noticed the sewer caps all had big X’s drawn across them and onto the surrounding pavement. I noticed all the sewer caps along the race course had the same markings. I deduced that this was for security measures. If anyone lifted the sewer cap, tossed something inside and then put the sewer cap back down, the X would no longer be lined up. That would tell the security officials there had been a breach. They were not taking any chances. We felt very safe.

I ran through a light rain up to mile 16. I was wet, but not too bad. Then, it started to rain harder. From there on, I was soaked. Despite the rain, the crowd was still huge. It was wet and chilly (45 degrees) with a head wind all day. It was uncomfortable for the runners, but it had to be worse for the spectators because they were not burning up energy like we were to stay warm. By standing out in the rain, the Boston spectators really demonstrated how much they love this race.

My goal was to finish in 3:15-3:20. I finished in 3:17:42 (7:33/mile) so I was very satisfied with my result. Laurie also did very well as she finished just a few minutes after me. I placed 366th out of 2,058 men age 50-54. I placed 5,536th out of 14,588 male finishers. I placed 6,396th out of 26,610 overall finishers. I knew that my temperature would drop as soon as I finished the race. I made really quick work of the finish line process. The volunteers gave me my finisher medal and the best space blanket I’ve ever seen. It was thicker than usual and it actually had a hood. I did not bother grabbing any food or drink. I simply bee-lined it directly to my hotel for a hot shower. Ahhh!

To see my race photos, click on this link:

Living the life…

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