Bonfield Express 5K

Pre race with Tera, Ben and Patrick O'Malley.

Pre race with Tera, Ben and Patrick O’Malley.

On Thanksgiving Day I ran the Bonfield Express 5K in Downers Grove, IL. Thanksgiving Day is such a great holiday. It brings families and friends together without all the hassle of gift giving. And community turkey trots like the Bonfield Express are a perfect example of that.

I was joined at the race by my nephew Ben O’Malley and his lovely wife Tera and their 2 year old son Patrick. They live only a half mile from the start line which is a major perk. Tera has really taken to the running lifestyle as she is a 3x finisher of the Chicago Marathon. To say I’m proud of her is a real understatement. And Ben is a hero for helping her make those dreams come true. They are a great team and are introducing their son to an active, healthy lifestyle. They get it.

It’s safe to say that I was well rested going into this race. During October I hardly ran at all as I was nursing an injury. And my November run total was just over 50 miles. Racing a 5K (3.1 mile) was going to be plenty for me. I did a half mile warm up run a few minutes before the race. My warm up continued in the 1st mile of the race. When the guy pushing the baby jogger passed me it rallied my competitive spirit. I could not let some dude pushing a baby jogger beat me! I finished with a time of 19:32 on the hilly course. I came in 1st out of 393 men in the 50-59 age group and 63rd out of 4,919 overall finishers. Thankfully, the guy with the baby jogger was somewhere in my rear view mirror.

Living the life…

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