Superseal Triathlon

Susan "Ironman To Be" Powell with Craig at the finish line.

Susan “Ironman To Be” Powell with Craig at the finish line.


On March 20 I raced the Superseal Triathlon at Coronado as my first triathlon of 2016.  This was my 6th time doing this race over the years.  The 2015 race had only 285 finishers so I was concerned for its future.  The Ironman brand now puts on this race and it is a good and growing event once again. I had a great race to open my season as I placed 1st out of 47 men in the 50-54 age group and 30th overall out of 577 finishers. 

The 1.5K (0.93 mile) swim went well as I had the 2nd best swim split – 23:20.  The swim course was much improved as it was a more straight forward rectangular shape.  The race started 2 hours earlier than in past years so that also really helped as there was no glare from the sun.

The 40K (24.8 mile) bike went adequately.  My bike fitness is not where it has been in the past, but this was a flat course so I was able to hide my weakness and minimize my losses.  My bike split was 1:08:32 which was 6th best on the day and 2:38 slower than in 2015.  But that was good enough to put me in 3rd place to start the run.

The 10K (6.2 mile) run went very well, but it was no picnic.  I had the best run of the day by 53 seconds for a run split of 38:09 and a winning time of 2:14:12.  I started the run just behind Steve Thunder and 1 other guy that I did not know.  Steve has been on Team USA with me and he can really run.  I knew we’d both run under 40 minutes.  That type of run speed at our age is really rare at a local race.  I had chatted with Steve about 4 days before the race.  He said he was going to “train thru Superseal”.  Well, he looked pretty good to me.  I had my hands full with him.  We took it out really fast.  Finally, by the 2nd mile I had gained a tiny bit of separation from Steve and I had the lead.  Once I started heading back from the turnaround at mile 3, I could see that he was still too close for comfort so I kept the pressure on all the way to the end.  

I did spend some time around the finish line after the race.  I’m glad I paused to notice the mesh snow fencing in the finish area – it was adorned with the pictures and names of Navy Seals who have paid the ultimate price for us.  We have a lot to be thankful for and we owe a debt of gratitude to these men.

One of the highlights for me on race day was seeing Susan Powell have a great day.  I have been coaching Susan since July, 2015.  Susan is training for Ironman Arizona in November 2016.  She has become a good friend to me and is an inspiration to many.  Susan is going to be an Ironman!

Click on this link to my race pictures:


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