121st Boston Marathon

Mom and Smokey during our Chicago visit.

Craig and Laurie at JP Licks in Boston. Delicious!

Laurie on the run at Boston.

On April 17th I ran the 121st Boston Marathon.  This was my 15th Boston finish and Laurie’s 21st Boston finish.  We are so thankful to God that we can still enjoy this active lifestyle.

Race day was unseasonably warm.  Temperatures were in the 70’s for the entire race.  In 2015 and 2016 I ran 3:17, but I was a bit more fit this year.  I had a strong race as I finished in 3:14:48 (7:25/mile).  I placed 169th out of 1,945 men age 50-54, 3,224th out of 14,438 men and 3,629th out of 26,411 overall finishers.  Laurie ran 3:35:12 and finished 42nd in her age group.  This was also her 239th marathon finish.  She is such a rock star!

One of the great stories from this year’s race was that it was the 50th anniversary of the 1st female finish at the Boston Marathon.  Kathrine Switzer was “The Girl Who Started it All” way back in 1967.  Kathrine is 70 years old now and she looks 50.  She finished this year’s Boston in 4:44.  She wore her famous bib #261 which has now been officially retired by the Boston Marathon.  Kathrine paved the way for women today and beyond.

I met another very inspiring athlete, but did not get his name.  This was his 20th Boston Marathon.  The 1st 2 were as a runner.  The last 18 have been as a wheelchair athlete.  He broke his neck and had to learn another way to be an athlete.  Boston is full of stories like that.

Laurie and I both used the trip east to visit our families.  I stopped in Chicago for 2 days to see my Mom and my sisters.  Upon seeing my Mom I realized this is the 30th anniversary of Mom and my trip to Boston for my 1st Boston Marathon in 1987.  Times sure have changed.  As a spectator in 1987 Mom was even able to ride the bus with me to the start line in Hopkinton.  There were 6,399 entrants in 1987.

Laurie went to New York for her Dad’s hip replacement procedure.  He has a long way to go, but he has such a positive outlook so we are very optimistic for his future.  Laurie also saw her Mom and brother’s family.

Click on this link to see my race photos:


Living the life…

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