Glen Ellyn Freedom Four Mile Race

Craig and Mom

Craig and Kent Yohe

On July 4th I ran the Glen Ellyn Freedom Four Mile Race in my hometown of Glen Ellyn, IL.  I have had a lot of practice on this course as this was the 16th time I’ve done this race.  I gave it my best effort as I finished in 24:08.  My 2016 time was 23:00 so I’m thinking my blood donation from 8 days earlier played a role in my 2017 time.  I also heard the 2017 course was a bit longer.  Either that or the wheels are falling off!  I did manage to win the men’s 50-59 age group as I was 1st out of 70.  I was 17th out of 943 overall finishers.

I did get chicked 2x and I’m not ashamed of this at all.  Katelynne Hart cruised for 1st place female in 23:04 and Lindsey Payne was 2nd in 23:43.  Lindsey did the 2016 race in 22:28 so maybe everyone was slower in 2017?  I later learned Katelynne and Lindsay went 1-2 for my alma mater Glenbard West High School in the Illinois High School State Championships for 3200 meters.  And Katelynne also won state for 1600 meters.  Katelynne was a freshman and she did all that!  Katelynne’s mile personal best is 4:27.  Holy cow!

And speaking of fast women.  At the same time I was racing in Glen Ellyn, my wife Laurie was racing the Foot Traffic Flat Marathon in Portland, OR.  This was Laurie’s 242nd marathon finish.  Laurie had another of her great races as she won her age group to complete the sweep for our family.

The racing was great fun, but the highlight of the trip was hanging out with my Mom for 4 days.  Mom is 96 and doing well.  She had been hospitalized in February so we are extremely thankful that she has been back in her apartment since the end of April.  I am so lucky to have her in my life!  And I also was able to spend some great time with my sisters Cindy and Debbie and their families.  Running with those fast high school girls was fun, but I’m really glad the most important women in my life are past the high school years.

And there’s more – I was able to visit with my friends Paul Winans, Bruce McNair, Jim Brenner, Chuck Carey and Kent Yohe.  I’m the richest guy in the world to have such a loving family and great friends.  God has really blessed me…even if I can’t out run a couple of high school girls!

Living the life…

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2 Responses to Glen Ellyn Freedom Four Mile Race

  1. Jim Brenner says:

    Craig, Great pictures. Your mom looks healthy, wealthy and wise. Glad she is doing so well. Thanks for mentioning me. It was really good to see you. I am psyching up for my hernia surgery Thursday! I understand it will put me out of commission about three days and that Judy will have to lift my luggage when we go to Kansas the end of the month. I will, however, be able to lift a pint glass if we visit a brewery. All the best. Jim >

    • tricraigz says:

      Hey Jim – Good luck with your surgery tomorrow. I will keep you in my prayers. Hopefully you will wake up afterwards. I think 12 oz curls are a very appropriate way for you to start your rehab. Stay thirsty, my friend!

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