K1 Speed

Craig & Rochelle icing down after the crash

On Friday after work my department went out to K1 Speed for a team building event.  If you are not familiar, K1 is indoor go-cart racing.  We had done this once before and it was a lot of fun.

There were 10 of us so the track was pretty crowded.  The 1st race was just a practice race.  The 2nd race would determine pole position for the 3rd and final race.  I did pretty well in the 1st race – I had the 4th fastest lap and the fastest average speed for all 12 laps.  My big challenge in that 1st race was Rochelle Hernandez.  She was excellent.  I just could not get around her.

The 2nd race started innocent enough.  Lots of fun.  John Castro and I had an epic duel.  It is really hard to pass someone on the narrow track, but we must have passed one another 5 times within 2 laps.  We were having a blast until the major pile up happened.

Just ahead of John and I another duel was going on between Atapana (Pana) Faumuina and Rochelle.  Pana bumped Rochelle and spun her around.  Now she was going the wrong way on the track.  She had John and I bearing down on her and not enough time to get out of the way.  John narrowly missed her as he snuck thru a gap before it closed.  I had no idea any of this had happened.  Rochelle and I collided head on.  I’m not sure exactly what happened, but I do think part of my cart went up over hers and then I t-boned into the wall.  Game over!  They immediately shut down all the other carts.

I will be fine, but it was the worst whiplash I have ever had.  Thankfully you are required to wear a big motorcycle helmet.  That protected my face and head.  But my neck, left knee, left foot, sternum and right shoulder blade took a beating.  I did manage to bike the next day, run the day after that and swim today.  My body does still have a few aches, but I’ll be ok.

Rochelle blacked out for a few seconds.  She definitely hurt her neck, too.  The scary thing for her is that she had been in car accident years ago and still has some pins in her neck from that accident.  Upon seeing her at work today, she thinks her neck will be ok, but her back is jacked up.

Needless to say, neither Rochelle nor I did the 3rd race.  We tapped out.

K1 Speed is a lot of fun, but I’ll never do it again.  I had no idea that it was that dangerous.  You can graze the walls and not get hurt.  It makes you feel bullet proof.  And then there is my mentality which is to race all out.  Not a good combination.  By the grace of God, I think I will stick to triathlon.

Living the life…

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