Bonfield Express 5K Turkey Trot

Bonfield Express: Craig, Debbie, Tera, Ben from L-R with Patrick getting a free ride.

Thanksgiving: Debbie, Craig, Cindy & Mom

On November 23rd I raced the Bonfield Express 5K Turkey Trot in Downers Grove, IL.  This was the 3rd consecutive year I have done this race.  The previous 2 years I ran 19:32 and 19:36 and won my age group.  This year I ran 18:57 and placed 2nd out of 374 men age 50-59 and 54th out of 5,315 overall finishers.  I got crushed by a guy named Paul Neumann who ran 16:46.  I don’t think it was the same Paul Newman from the movies, salad dressing and auto racing fame.  One of my University of Illinois Delta Upsilon Fraternity brothers also did the race – Steve Barczi placed 4th in our age group.

I was joined in the race by my sister Debbie, her son Ben, his wife Tera and son Patrick.  We had a great time and it was the start of a wonderful family oriented 4 day Thanksgiving visit back home.  I stayed with my Mom who is doing well at the age of 96.  These visits to see Mom are priceless to me.  Later in the day we celebrated the epic Thanksgiving dinner at Katy and Jeff Emerson’s house.  The next day we got together with my cousins Randy Jacob and Donna Goffron, along with my Mom, sisters Debbie and Cindy and Cindy’s husband Jim.  Also on the trip I saw my friends Bruce McNair, Chuck Carey and Paul Winans.

Living the life…

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