Bonfield Express

Post race with Tera and Ben O’Malley and their kids Patrick and Violet.

Debbie, Cindy, Mom and I.

On November 22nd I raced the Bonfield Express 5K in Downers Grove, IL.  I had a solid race as I finished in 19:06 to place 1st out of 353 men age 50-59 and 80th out of 5,174 overall finishers.  This was the 4th consecutive year that I have started my Thanksgiving Day with this race.  This year my fellow running family member included Tera O’Malley while her husband Ben pushed Patrick and Violet in the baby jogger.  We all had fun.  Violet expressed her fun by crying a lot.  I guess your 1st Bonfield Express can be pretty emotional.  It sure was for Violet!

I traveled in on 11/21 and stayed with my Mom in Lombard, IL.  Mom is 97 and lives in her own apartment at Beacon Hill, in Lombard, IL. Later in December will be her 10th year at Beacon Hill.  My sisters (Cindy and Debbie) and I are so thankful she’s been able to live in such a vibrant place.  Mom and I enjoyed a delicious Beacon Hill Thanksgiving dinner.  It was safest and easiest this year for us to dine at Beacon Hill.  My niece, Katy O’Malley, hosted the big family dinner in Oak Park.  After my Beacon Hill feast, I ventured over to Katy’s for dessert.

During my visit I saw a lot of loved ones.  Beyond the usual suspects, I saw my cousin Donna Goffron.  In addition, I got together with friends Bruce McNair, Chuck Carey, Dave Dungan, Mike Gartlan, Craig Milkint, Will Johns, Ken and Lois Tyznik, Jean Pitra, and Lou and Lynda Hoornbeek.  And on top of that I had some special long distance phone calls with my cousins Ricky Jacob, Nancy Hardy, Ruth Colville and friends Jim Bremhorst and Rob Parmelee.  I hope I did not leave anyone out.

On what was supposed to be my final day of the visit the Chicago area got about 6+ inches of snow.  That led to flight problems for yours truly.  Thankfully my brother-in-law Jim O’Malley was able to retrieve me from O’Hare and I was able to spend the night at Cindy and Jim’s house in Elmhurst.  Thank goodness for their hospitality!  I finally got home 1 day later on 11/27 with 8 leftover pieces of stuffed Giordano’s pizza and some pecan Kringle, courtesy of the Hoornbeek’s.  This trip was a major success!

Living the life…

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