123rd Boston Marathon

Celebrating our finish with dinner at Legal Seafood.

On April 15th I ran the 123rd Boston Marathon.  God has blessed us so much in our lives as He has enabled me and my wife Laurie to now have finished Boston 17x’s and 23x’s, respectively.

Training was a bit more challenging this year as I have been struggling with sore knees.  I had lots of massages and daily would roll out my quads so I did everything possible to get to the start line.  I hope to complete 20 Boston Marathons, but time will tell.

Rain was in the forecast leading up to the race, but we had good weather for the actual race.  It rained as we boarded the bus at the Boston Commons at 7:15am, but it had stopped by the time we got to Hopkinton at 8:30am.  We were lucky to leave Boston when we did as we heard they temporarily stopped letting athletes board buses because of lightening.  The Athletes Village was soggy, but much more pleasant than 2018 as we did not have to scramble for shelter.  And it was much warmer!  By the time the race started it was over 60 degrees and it climbed into the high 60’s and was very humid by the time we got to the finish line.  The race was a sweat fest for me, but I love it when it is warm.

I had a good race as I finished in 3:24:54 (7:49/mile), 2 minutes faster than in 2018.  I’m a pretty strong runner, but it is always so humbling to see how I stack up against those who run Boston.  I was 206 out of 1,552 men age 55-59, 6,245 out of 14,662 men and 7,762 out of 26,632 overall.  I wore bib # 14959 which is based on an athlete’s qualifying time.  I always pride myself in “beating my bib” as 7762 is much better than 14959.

Laurie also had a good race as she finished in 3:41:16 to finish 125th in her age group.  We were both part of Wave 2 which started at 10:25am.  Laurie had a faster qualifying time so she was seeded about 4,000 runners ahead of me.  The Boston Marathon is such a crowded race course that once the race started, we never saw one another, even when I passed her.

2 news stories from this year’s Boston Marathon captivated my attention.  First is Joan Benoit.  Joan won the women’s race in 1979 with a time of 2:35.  Her goal this year (40 years later) as a 61 year old was to finish within 40 minutes of her 1979 time.  Joan finished in 3:04 (7:02/mile) to win her age group.

The second is Tedy Bruschi.  Tedy is a 3x Super Bowl Champion who had a 13 year NFL career.  Tedy suffered a stroke in 2005, but miraculously recovered and was able to play in the NFL for a few more years.  In 2005 Tedy started Tedy’s Team which is his foundation to raise funds for stroke research.  Over the years they have raised over $5 million.  Tedy finished his 2nd Boston Marathon this year in 4:35 as a 45 year old.  I am so impressed with his fundraising and that he is in the trenches with his fellow runners.

Our trip was not 100% about Boston.  From Boston, Laurie went on to New York to visit her Dad, her brother Kirk and his family.  I went to Chicago to visit my Mom, my sisters Cindy and Debbie, and a couple friends.  Being with loved ones was the real highlight of our trip.  We have much to be thankful for!

To see my race pictures, click on this link


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