San Diego International Triathlon

Before SDIT with friends Don and Diane Ridgway.

With friend and athlete I have coached since 2015 – Susan Powell.

Craig and Mike Plumb – 1st and 2nd place, men’s 55-59.

On June 23rd I raced in one of my favorite local triathlons, San Diego International Triathlon (SDIT).  I always feel blessed by God every day to be healthy enough to do the sport I love, but this day took that to a new level.  On May 23rd I was at a cross roads with my right knee.  I had just learned that I had a torn meniscus.  Not a total show stopper, but it did/does cause plenty of concern for racing in 2019.  On 5/23 I took the advice of my doctor to go the route of a cortisone shot, rather than surgery.  For the next week I questioned my decision, but every day the inflammation in the knee went down and I started feeling better.  The cortisone shot was a big success – I was able to put in some very solid training for the 4 weeks leading up to SDIT.

The day before the race I ran into another snag.  I had trouble with my front race wheel.  There was not enough time to re-glue the tire so my friend Dan Rock loaned me his front race wheel.  That wheel was sweet – you gotta love ceramic bearings!  It is good to have friends.  Let’s face it – Dan Rock rocks!

The 1K (0.62 mile) swim in Spanish Landing went well.  This was my first race in my new Xterra wetsuit and it felt great!  I swam 14:17 (1:26/100 meters), putting me in 4th place.

The 30K (18.6 mile) bike also went well, thanks to Dano’s wheel.  The bike course features a climb up to Cabrillo Monument.  I always notice the many headstones in the cemetery, but this year it seemed like there were twice as many.  I know that is impossible, but I took it as another reminder of how blessed I am that men and women have died for the freedoms we get to enjoy today.  My bike split was 52:46 (21.2 mph).  That was the 7th best bike split and it put me in 7th place.  Unbeknownst to me, but Mike Plumb was in 1st place and was 6:16 ahead.  I’d have to run at least 1 minute/mile faster than Mike to win.

The 10K (6.2 mile) run went better than I could have hoped.  In 2018 my split was 40:04.  In 2019 it was 40:46 (6:34/mile).  I had the fastest run of the day in my age group by 4:15.  I caught Mike near the 5 mile mark and went on to win by 1:20.  My finish time was 1:51:06, compared to 1:48:25 in 2018.  I placed 1st out of 25 men in the 55-59 age group and 30th out of 420 overall finishers.  I was very happy with the win, but absolutely ecstatic about still being able to race reasonably fast.

To see pictures from my race, please click on this link

Living the life…

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