Glen Ellyn Freedom Four Mile Run

1st place men’s 50-59 age group.

Mom and Smokey.

On July 4th I went back to my hometown in Illinois to race the Glen Ellyn Freedom Four Mile Run.  This was the 17th time I have done the race.  I had fun as always on the hilly course.  They changed the course this year so it ended up closer to 3.75 miles.  I ran 23:32, placed 1st out of 71 men age 50-59 and 27th out of 912 overall finishers.

This trip really was not about running the race.  This trip was all about giving my 98 year old Mom some news that I was very anxious about.  In mid-June, after much prayer, my sisters and I decided that we needed to move Mom to a higher level of care at Beacon Hill and we were going to break that news to Mom on 7/4.  For the past 10 years Mom has been able to live independently at Beacon Hill.  But especially in the past year it has become apparent that she needs more care.  Mom chose Beacon Hill 10+ years ago because it offered such levels of care.  We were just hoping that she’d remember that and make it easy on us.  Mom took the news exceptionally well.  In retrospect, I think giving her the news was harder on us than it was on Mom.  I’m very thankful for that.

On 7/16 Mom moved into the Health Center at Beacon Hill.  The move went very well.  For the next 6-12 months Mom will probably have a roommate in the Health Center while she waits for a private room to become available.  She seems happy with her 1st roommate so we are very thankful.  She is getting more exercise and social interaction so that is also very good news.

Living the life…

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