Bonfield Express 5K

Craig with Ben & Tera O’Malley and their kids Patrick & Violet.

Mom, Cindy, Debbie & Craig

On Thanksgiving Day I ran the Bonfield Express 5K Turkey Trot in Downers Grove, IL for the 5th year in a row.  The race highlight is sharing the morning with my nephew Ben O’Malley, his lovely wife Tera and their kids Patrick and Violet.  I am so proud of them for showing their kids an active, healthy lifestyle.

I had a good race as I finished in 19:35 (6:18/mile) to finish 3rd out of 358 men 50-59 and 86th out of 5,040 overall finishers.

Because Ben and Tera ran and walked with their kids, I knew I’d have time to re-run the course for a 2nd time.  It was a chilly morning (low 30’s) so this was going to be my best way to stay warm while I waited for them.  I had 1 goal with this 2nd run – to not be a jerk and knock anyone down.  Most of the participants walk the course so there were going to be lots of people in my way.  I was doing great until the final half mile.  That’s when I ran by the house that hosted the Bacon Aid Station.  A little boy and his dog on a leash saw/smelled the bacon and made a 90 degree turn right in front of me.  The bad news was – we all took a tumble so I did not achieve my goal.  The good news was – I did catch the kid before he hit his head.  No one got hurt so all was good.  It was crazy, though.  The kid must have been carrying Milk-Bones for his dog because I saw a bunch of Milk-Bones fly through the air.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  It brings family and friends together without all the pretense of gift giving.  I was able to enjoy time with my 98 year old Mom, my sisters Cindy and Debbie and their families and some of my best friends – Bruce McNair, Chuck Carey, Ken Tyznik, Paul Winans and Mr./Mrs. Hoornbeek.  I am very, very thankful.

Living the life…

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